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Five ideas to improve the garden light

Five  ideas to improve the garden light
It seems lie, last year, at this time, we had a heat wave
reaching maximum temperatures in some autonomous communities. I remember that since mid-month was ready my garden, which I enjoyed very much until come the summer, given the extreme heat that made during the month of May. This year, however, we have not been able to enjoy a good spring, but, don’t worry, in the end, just one month it left to get the summer and we hope that does not disappoint us.

Landscape Lighting

Do you have your garden ready? I don’t know if you will be like me, but when I most like to enjoy the garden in the evenings, there is nothing better than a good talk, with friends or as a couple, in our garden. But to do so, should be well lit, of course. What you use for your garden lighting? Today I propose five very useful ideas:

-Solar beacons: they are very fashionable lately and we find them very cheap. They have the benefit that they do not just spend, but their light is often Dim, so it is a good idea to use them to create a good atmosphere. You have them decorative or just to put on the floor.

-Torch: Garden torches are also widely used elements. There are many models and operation is very simple, just have to use a wick and a bit of kerosene.

-Light garlands: another good idea is to opt for a Garland of light. They provide very good light for dinners and meetings and you can hang on the tree or on any pergola in the garden.

-Lights: normally, they are used in the pool area and inside to illuminate it at night. But they can be a pretty light to enjoy a quiet evening in the garden. Depending on the number that we use, we will have more or less light.

-Candle holder: it is not strictly a lamp, but it brings a touch of cozy, as well as being very useful, regarding the daylight savings.

You what kind of light you use in the garden?