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Christmas Season Security tips

Security Tips for Christmas Lights Season

The arrival of the time of Christmas Lights Season and new year is an opportunity for some friends of the alien to make their misdeeds and surprise to the  unprepared. Visit this site Christmas Lights Installation El Paso

As part of operation safe Christmas Lights  , the security force issued the following 16 tips to avoid being mugged.

1. Be attentive to the environment in banks, ATM, taxis, buses or any transport unit and places of displacement.

2. Do not carry valuables that call the attention of the offender in the Christmas Lights season. Visit this site Holiday lights installation el paso

3. Be discreet in your  personal and family activities during Installing Light during Christmas. Go to this site

4. Do not park your vehicle in unsafe areas During Christmas Lights season. Do not leave objects that attract attention within the vehicle.

5 Report your credit card in case of theft, when making a transaction at ATM memorize your credit card, not the Enter key.

6 Drive with doors locked while in errands for Christmas Lights season .

7 if it deals with a taxi or bus, call a family member saying in driving taxi or bus number.

8. Apply safety measures in your home, during Christmas Lights Season, visit this site Christmas Lights Installer El Paso  these security measures must be known and applied by all the family.

9. Be sure that leaving doors and windows of the House are properly closed speccially during Cristmas Light season., visit this site Christmas Lights Installation El Paso

10. Do not leave the keys to the House in a hideout outside the dwelling, neither by the Christmas Tree, visit this website please  Holiday Lights Installation El Paso

11. If you lose your house keys shift locks, but not only during xmas lights season, visit site Christmas Lights Installer El Paso

12. do not leave notes in the House warning of his absence.

13. avoid circular in lonely places, mainly at night.

14 If you withdraw large amounts of money, be accompanied people’s absolute trust or ask for support to the authority.

15. do not sleep in units of transportation (bus or taxi), do not exit if you take drugs that cause drowsiness.

16. report any suspicious situation to emergency 911 phone

Activity, will include the strengthening of security in markets, shopping malls, banks, squares, fairs, roads, records of vehicles and seizure of firearms and drugs, among other actions, he added.

Authorities will also proceed to the seizure of artifacts based on gunpowder as part of a campaign to prevent children burned by the use of rockets, shells and mortars.

In addition, they will strengthen immigration controls and prevent the smuggling of goods, said Santos.

The operation will involve the national police, a canine battalion to detect weapons, explosives and drugs, and other security forces and agents of the National Institute

Authorities also have made available several phone numbers that the population to report any irregular action that endangers your safety.

The deployment of the security forces is also a reduction of crime in the country, which escalated in the last week of November.